About Us

Having always been the ‘arty’ type, drawing, painting and graphic design has been, since my early teens, something I just found so much joy in. 

I love having an idea and putting it to paper. I take delight in the journey and story telling of creating a piece of artwork, whether it be capturing the perfect personal moment in a portrait or conveying a business’ vibe and value through their logo and graphics creation.

So this is why in 2020, the year the world turned upside down, has inspired me to make my passion project my work.

Let’s talk about my process! I create most of my art digitally using software like Photoshop and Procreate - this means you get a super fast, and super high quality version of your artwork or poster print to fit whatever needs are required.

Each portrait is drawn based on any images you give me, I use it as stencils and guides to make sure everything is perfect, finishing off free hand so if you need things or people adding/changing anything is possible!

When working with businesses, it is important to me to be super collaborative on the design process, using my creative license to ensure your ideas come to life!  It involves having an initial e-meeting or email where you can let me know about your brand and what it is you do. We will look at your current or desired brand elements, like a color palette or fonts so I can begin developing ideas and creating a brand mood board.

I can tailor and change anything to your needs, usually I will create 3 variations for feedback before I present the finalised concept. 

My print collections are a selection of artworks drawn and created by myself, along with some fun quotes and lyrics designed to be tailor made to your interiors aesthetic.

What makes Jam On Toast different? Well, the fluffy stuff first, as a huge ‘people person’, one of my favorite things is the connection you get with each customer and piece of work I get to create. Getting to know the stories behind the moments taken from the artwork and seeing the images of my art in your homes is like no other feeling. The practical stuff - all of my artwork is processed super fast, I can have artwork drawn and completed within 3 days, meaning those last minute gift purchases suits brilliantly for my high quality print at home copies! On top of that, if you want it printed and posted to you, the highest quality is guaranteed as all of my artwork is professionally printed.

If you're looking to have the perfect moment captured for yourself, as a gift or for your business feel free to slide into my dms @JamOnToastStudio or send me an email JamOnToastStudio@gmail.com